Friday, 13 April 2018

Making healthy choices

Adele, from the Heart Foundation ran a workshop with our class about how to read food labels. We were surprised at how much hidden sugar is our cereals and muesli bars. We now know how to read the label to make healthy choices when buying food. Thanks Adele!
Zoe and Alodia reading the information carefully.

Questyn, Bruno, Kosha and Tuki discussing what sodium is. It means salt.

Eli. Licha, Yousif and Theoden looking at how much sugar is in a favourite breakfast cereal. 

 Ben, Muhamood, Fairy Judy, Lillia and Salma looking for the fibre content. Some labels don't have it on them. 
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Uati, Yousif, Salma and Theoden are debating which drink has the most sugar. Concentrated orange juice has a lot of sugar and we were surprised by this.

Ben, Kosha and Muhamood discussing what has more sugar, coke, LP or spirit. Its spirit and LP!

Water is the best choice!

Garden to Table

Some photos from our Japanese inspired 
Garden to Table session. Yum!

Ben and his group harvesting cucumbers and courgettes. 

The kitchen group busy making sushi. 

This garden group was digging up the strawberry patch and planting up the strawberry runners, ready for next season.

Race Relations Day

We love Race Relations Day at Owairaka. It's a time to celebrate who we are, where our families come from and to try some delicious food from around the world.
Room 8 looking fabulous in traditional costumes.

Waiting to try scrumptious foods from around the world.

Still waiting...........

Alodia, Zoe, Kosha and Lillia, our fantastic helpers.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Star of Week 5!

Zoe was our Green Week Star! Thank you for taking care of the school chickens. You do an amazing job! 

Pasta Night Prep!

We had a Pasta Night fundraiser at school. Room 8 helped to make the tomato pasta sauce during our Garden to Table session. We then made some gnocchi and tried it with our sauce. It was delicious!

Theoden stirring the sauce.

Tana opening yet another can of tomatoes!

Tables ready for our customers.

Young Ocean Explorers

We were very lucky to have a visit from Steve Hathaway. His day job is an underwater cameraman and he has worked on the TV series, Blue Planet 2. 

Steve and his daughter Riley have made a website called Young Oceans Explorers, to help educate us about the ocean. Check it out at Youngoceanexplorers.

Sea Week Art!

As part of our learning for Sea Week, we created crayon and dye sea creatures. We also used recycled letters to write a slogan about looking after the sea.